Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scott Walker wins in Wisconsin... again.

Scott Walker had a decisive win in the recall election against him. It's funny, the guy has turned a $3 BILLION dollar deficit in to a $150 MILLION dollar surplus. His State has an unemployment rate that is lower than the National average. He has made his State attractive to businesses from other States.

All this and still he faced a recall. I'm glad that the majority of the people of the State of Wisconsin were smart enough to see the reality of what is happening in the State.

Maybe, just maybe, in November, the people of our entire Country will be smart enough to see that same picture. Without some serious changes, soon, we are headed for disaster. If we continue down this path, our debt will outweigh our GDP in less than 5 years. Can anyone say Greece? Except our disaster will be much worse because the numbers are so much bigger in our case than those of Greece.

Do the right thing in November folks. Four more years of obama is the key to our destruction...

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