Monday, June 18, 2012

A Post On Prepping Priorities From RegT

In his recent post on prepping, BillyBob wrote of some of the priorities, such as an adequate source of water. We know that there are limits on our body’s ability to exist without certain substances. I seem to recall reading about the “rule of threes” somewhere, the notion being that you can only go three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. This is an oversimplification, of course, but it provides a set of priorities that we need to address as human beings.

Ignoring air, which is basically there for the asking, water will always be the number one commodity, because without it you die the soonest. For me, the number two concern, however, is not food, but self-defense. If this country experiences a melt-down of any sort, whether due to an economic collapse, the imposition of martial law (especially for unConstitutional reasons), a major disaster of either natural or man-made origin, society will likely degrade to the point that many individuals -and gangs will completely ignore the law.

Think of how many people ignore the law right now (I’m speaking of individuals, not government - the Feds and many LEOs already ignore the rule of law). How many women are raped, children molested, people mugged or robbed at knife or gun-point. How many homes are burglarized, how much property is vandalized? Do you understand how much this behavior will increase when people begin to understand the system has broken down, and they will not suffer any penalties or be arrested no matter what they do?

Look back only as far as New Orleans during and after Katrina. Although it is common for blacks in such communities to loot and vandalize when they know they can get away with it, a lot of whites were doing it as well. Including cops. Including cops who shot and killed black men, just because they knew they could get away with it. (The ones on trial have not been convicted yet, last I heard.) Think of the recent riots in London, where many upper-middle class whites rioted alongside the muslim and African immigrants. People who were not rioting because they had nothing to eat, no shelter or warmth, but simply because they wanted to riot, who looted and vandalized because they believed they could get away with it.

You may live in a small apartment in the poorest section of town, but that doesn’t mean someonewon’t break in, so that they can take whatever they can find, or to rape you, or even to kill you, just for the thrill of it. Sure, folks in wealthy homes, or places that sell liquor or cigarettes or food, will get hammered. But when so many people who were barely restrained from acting on their impulses are released from those restraints by the breakdown of“law and order”, everyone will be at risk, young and old. Many crimes will occur simply because it excites someone to do things they would not otherwise risk getting caught and convicted for, perhaps felons who had held back because they would have become “three-time losers” had they acted out during quieter times.

As a former police officer in San Diego and elsewhere, I have dealt with a lot of people barely restrained by the cost of getting caught. One young man I arrested was a tall, handsome blond fellow, a guy so good looking I’m certain he had no problem getting “lucky” any time he wished. Even more incredibly, he was the son of a local multi-millionaire (the equivalent of a billionaire, now).

This sick young bastard took part in a home invasion with a guy who had recently gotten out of Soledad prison (this was in California). Armed with a shotgun and a pistol, they held up some people in their home, two of whom were good looking young ladies in their early twenties. This blond Adonis was going to rape them both, and would have, if his ex-con partner hadn’t insisted it would take too long and get them caught.
He definitely would have raped them, in spite of the fact that with his looks and his money, he could have had sex with half the women in Southern California.

He would have done it just for the thrill of doing something illegal that he thought he could get away with, or perhaps for the “thrill” of having that kind of control over the lives of two young women. It is quite possible he might even have killed them afterward to keep from identifying him. We’ll never know, because the other officers responding with me broke into the house through the rear door to arrest them. I caught him after he ran out the front door, which, as the “rookie”, I was covering.

This post isn’t meant to get into the long explanation of what are good weapons to have, what calibers, and how to defend yourself. It is merely meant to explain why armed self-defense will be necessary if there is a breakdown of normal society. I hope it might convince some wives and mothers that, if they wish to keep themselves and their children safe, they need to acquire and learn how to use firearms. I feel they are the second-most important area of prepping. Perhaps even the first, if you consider you will have no need for water if you are dead.


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