Wednesday, June 20, 2012

obama intervenes in fast and furious investigation...

So, 11th hour, obama decides to exert executive privilege in the fast and furious scandal. 

What is in the documents in question? Why did holder stonewall for so long? and why does obama feel it is necessary to intervene to keep the documents from being seen?

Could it possibly be that those documents will reveal that holder AND obama knew all along about the stupid operation being run by the atf? Why else would releasing some documents be such a huge deal? 

Darrell Issa plans to proceed with the contempt vote. Good for him. Earlier he seemed to be searching for a way out of it. And, of course, all the democrats are crying foul. saying this is a witch hunt, etc., etc. That should be a good indication of their respect for the law. The have none. This was an illegal operation, conducted by a rouge agency, where a Federal Agent was killed and the democrats think it is a witch hunt? Are they just completely clueless? Do they just not care that the atf was ALLOWING firearms to leave our Country illegally? Do they not care about the Mexican and American citizens whose lives have been put in jeopardy of the atf's desire to impose more gun restrictions on law abiding firearms owners? Every, single one of them should be removed from congress.

This was obama's take on the Bush administration and executive privilege...

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