Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joe Texan bought a Goldwing...

Several months back, Joe Texan bought a Goldwing. He got a great deal on it but it needed a little work. He has been doing some bartering with a guy that owns a repair shop. They have been trading work on the bike for website design and configuration. I think Joe Texan has been getting the short end of the stick in this deal.

Anyway, Joe Texan wanted me to put a Camo paint job on the bike for him. I was going to wait until it was all put back together before I posted any pictures of it, but at the rate this thing is progressing I might be dead of old age before I can take those pictures. So here are a few teasers...

I think they came out pretty awesome. Nice and shiny, which is kind of exactly the opposite of what you want camo to be, but it is going to look very cool all put together.

Joe Texan also built some what look like Hellfire missiles that he is going to mount under the saddle bags pointing to the rear. The nose cone will act as a running light in the dark. They look like this.

We are thinking about mounting a couple of fake macine gun barrels to the front of the fairing, something like what this M1919 looks like.

That may be overkill though...

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