Friday, June 1, 2012

How about those May unemployment numbers?

It looks like May was another in a long string of bad months for those looking for work, and an even worse one for those looking but no longer drawing unemployment compensation.

8.2% is the "official" unemployment number. We all know it is really over 10%, no matter how much smoke and sunshine obama tries to blow up our ass. The stupid numbers games are still going to fool some people though.

Let me ask you, you know that as soon as obama is gone, things are going to pick up, right? The job killing policies by this administration are crippling this Country. Don't you think all those outrageous epa regulations are jobs killers? For example, the regulation and demonization of the coal industry. Not only are coal miners going to be put out of work, and there are THOUSANDS of them, so are the people who work at the electricity generating plants and right on down the line. And since the federal government has made it almost impossible to get the permits for a nuclear power plant, where is that going to leave us, the consumers? It's going to mean we pay an assload more for our power. Can you afford for your electric bill to double or triple? I can't, maybe if I wasn't paying over $3 bucks a gallon for gas I could. Ahh, but cheaper gas would mean we were drilling on OUR OWN SOIL and in OUR OWN WATERS. And since obama has made that virtually impossible, all those people are out of work too.

And how about all those "green" jobs obama has talked about? Well even his track record on that sucks ass. Every time he takes BILLIONS of our tax dollars, against our will, and gives it to his idiot friends and fundraisers to start a "green" company (solyndra), they go belly up and we get fucked in the deal. So now, all of those people are unemployed too. Except, of course, for the big shots who are probably czars or something else in the crooked ass obama administration...

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