Tuesday, June 12, 2012

holder in contempt of congress over fast and furious?

It looks like Darrell Issa and his team have scheduled a vote on this issue for June 20th. They are expecting several democrats to vote with them. This kind of seems like a no-brainer. Congress has requested documents, holder refuses to turn them over. What do they need a vote for? 

I heard the question asked, should this really be happening? Shouldn't the focus of congress be on the economy? Are republicans just doing this for political gain? Yes, No and No.

Yes it should be happening. If you aren't familiar with "operation fast and furious", it was a program by which Mexican drug cartels were allowed, by the atf, to purchase guns illegally in this Country and transport them to Mexico unimpeded. One of our own Border Patrol agents was murdered with one of these weapons, as well as countless Mexican citizens.

This entire operation was illegal and a major abuse of power. And what was the point of this fiasco? To further limit our 2nd Amendment rights. The atf could point to the increase in gun violence and use it as an excuse to push for more strict gun laws, even though the guns were allowed in criminal hands by the atf!

But they got caught. There is no way in hell that an operation like this was unknown to eric holder, no way. I know it, you know it and Darrel Issa knows it. So congress has been pushing for these documents and holder refuses. How is this NOT something congress should be investigating? No matter how you look at it, the justice department, this entire administration, needs to be reigned in. Their blatant abuses of power have cost lives in this Country and others. The total disregard for laws, domestic and international, and our Constitution warrant this being investigated to the very end. holder needs to be held accountable. And so does anyone else involved, even if that means this investigation leads to the white house...

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
Killed December 14th 2010 by a "fast and furious" weapon.

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