Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fox News Poll: Majorities say White House failed on economy, health care

Who exactly thinks that obama has been successful on National security? He has been lucky. But as far as doing anythig to actually, proactively protect our Nation? Not so much. Sure, he is using drones to kill bad guys in Pakistan, but why isn't Pakistan doing that? If we had any kind of relationship with our "ally" we could convince them to this job for us.

Has obama failed on the economy and creating an environment where businesses want to put people to work? Does a bear shit in the woods? obama, his radical socialist policies, his back and forth bullshit on taxes and the dumbass epa have made it impossible for companies to have any faith in the future. The TRILLONS and TRILLIONS of dollars in debt we have accumulated make foreign investors wary of our future. And they aren't the only ones. If you aren't worried about the financial future of this Country, you should hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer.

The obamacare experiment has been nothing but a failure. From the very beginning, with all the shady deals and bully tactics it took to pass it, what a mess. Many private businesses would save money by paying the penalty for not providing insurance to their employees. Colleges are in the same boat as far as the insurance for their students. We can only hope that the supreme court has the balls to do the right thing.

Even some democrats are beginning to realize that obama is a total waste of space. And that's really saying something. For those guys to turn on their messiah is pretty stunning. I guess not ALL democrats are dumbasses, well, maybe I'm giving them too much credit...

Check out the data from the poll here...

While American voters consider the Obama administration successful on national security, majorities say it has mostly failed at stimulating the economy and improving health care -- two areas the White House cites as major legislative accomplishments.

A Fox News poll released Thursday shows 55 percent of voters think the Obama administration has mostly succeeded on making the country safer.

More than half of voters think the administration has mostly failed at creating new jobs (56 percent), stimulating the economy (54 percent) and improving health care (52 percent).

Roughly a quarter of Democrats agree that the administration has failed on creating jobs (28 percent), boosting the economy (24 percent) and improving health care (22 percent).

Most voters think the economy is hurting, including 41 percent who say the country is currently in a recession. This is an improvement from two years ago when 55 percent thought so. Forty-two percent say the country is in an economic downturn, but not a recession and 15 percent think the economy is doing okay.

Despite majority belief that the administration has made the country safer, views are about evenly divided on improving America’s image around the world: 48 percent say the Obama administration mostly succeeded and 44 percent say the opposite.

On U.S. drone attacks targeting terrorists for assassination, 49 percent of voters think the president should be personally involved in those decisions, while 39 percent disagree and 12 percent are unsure.

Check out the rest of the story at the link above...

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