Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Check out the headlines from Drudge

spike lee thinks it's not just racists who don't like obama anymore. Wow. How can that be? Black voters are turning on obama? I wonder why? White support is cracking? Well, that's because in 2008 some white people voted for obama to prove they weren't racists, now they have to vote for somebody else to prove they aren't dumbasses. Jewish support is dropping? Maybe obama kicking Israel to the curb has something to do with that.

But the one that really shocks me is that UNION members are bailing. WTF?

Honestly, other than the media and those dipshits in congress, I don't know how this guy has ANY support. His entire presidency has been an utter failure. From day one. Look, I know democrats are spinmasters. They can make a car wreck look like a carnival ride, but this guy is worthless. He is clueless. And he is classless...

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