Sunday, May 13, 2012

We really are screwed...

You know what I realized this morning? About every day I wake up thinking "how is the government going to screw us over today?". "What kind of scandal involving our tax dollars is going to be revealed today?".

It's not supposed to be like that boys and Girls. It was never like this for me until this regime came in to power.

Our government is supposed to be very limited, and with good reason. They are supposed to protect us from foreign enemies, keep our roads in good repair, make our laws and collect our taxes. That's really about it. Sure there are some other things that they are supposed to do, but the ones I mentioned above are the big ones.

The government isn't supposed to give away our tax dollars to their friends and supporters. The president isn't supposed to have an enemies list that he actually uses to damage the reputation and livelihood of a private citizen. The government isn't supposed to force any products or services on us.

The government is supposed to be a good steward of the tax dollars we entrust them with. They aren't supposed to party like it's 1999. They aren't supposed to use our money for their personal gain.

How have we come so far from the principals laid out by our Founding Fathers? Sure, things are more complicated now than when George Washington was around, but the basic principals are still sound. If we followed more closely the Constitution of this Country we wouldn't be in the dire financial straits we find ourselves. If we followed the Constitution we wouldn't be facing the social issues that are plaguing us now.

The Constitution talks about rights granted to us by our Creator, not by the government. If the government can grant you a right, they can also take it away. No man can take away the rights our Creator has given to us, yet this government will try to do it almost every day.

We are headed for dark days. If obama is able to steal the election in November through intimidation, voter fraud or any other crooked means, many things will change, and I doubt that any of them will be good. Even if the republicans are able to take control of the senate, obama has proven that he has no qualms about using an executive order to bypass them completely. And the republicans have proven that they don't have the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it.

Mitt Romney may not be the optimal candidate, but he is far and away better than a second obama term. I do believe he can help the economy get back on track. And if he follows through on the promises he made during the debates and campaign, he can help get a lot of other areas of this Country back on track. Of course, like any politician, he will say about anything to get elected. We can only hope that he follows through on the big ones, obamacare, over-regulation, oil drilling.

We don't have much time left to get our economy moving again. The timeline to our meltdown is not measured in decades, and may not even be years. We are headed for a disaster like Greece, but worse. Congress doesn't care. They care about the upcoming election and their jobs, that's it. The rest of us can go to hell. And that's exactly where we are headed, on the express train...

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