Thursday, May 10, 2012

washington post shocking expose on Romney...

Did you see that the washington post has begin the vetting process on Mitt Romney. You know what they found out? That in 1965 he may have participated in a prank in high school. OH MY GOD! How did all the other "news outlets" let this slip by them? Holy crap!

Ummm, how is this relevant? 1965? Really? The guy was in high school! Who didn't do dumb shit in high school? I could fill pages and pages with the stupid shit I did, and I'm sure most of you could too. I'm not gonna though, because I'm not sure about the statute of limitations on some of that stuff.

But anyway, it was an incident where a kid was pinned down and his hair was cut. Big, fat, deal. I really can't see Mitt Romney being a physical bully.

I guess I just have a hard time figuring out how this episode is relevant to the Mitt Romney we see today. I'm a MUCH different person than I was in high school. And I mean MUCH different, like night and day. But aren't we all? With a few exceptions, pretty much everyone I know has matured and developed into people our high school selves wouldn't recognize.

I didn't see the washington post writing an extended article on obama's use of cocaine, weed and who knows what all else. Or dig into obama's relationship with the known terrorists bill ayers and bernadine dorn. Or obama's association with the convicted criminal tony rezko. And the list of things that should have been investigated goes on and on.

By the way, the picture above isn't actually the kid that Romney supposedly cut his hair, it's just some picture I used because it cracked me up...

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