Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top ICE figure expected to plead guilty to brazen, $500G scam

Everyday it's a brand new scandal. You know, if all of the government waste, fraud, abuse and outright theft were suddenly to end, we could probably balance the budget AND pay off our debt in a hurry.

How is it that these thugs are able to pull this stuff off for years and years? Let me tell you, because the entire system is corrupt. There is no adult supervision and there certainly isn't any accountability.

It's absolutely amazing how much of this goes on. These people should not only be ashamed of themselves, they should serve VERY long prison sentences. Being a good steward of the tax dollars you are entrusted with should be priority one for all government employees. But it sure doesn't seem like any of them are.

Every day it seems there are more and more reason to "Refresh the Tree of Liberty".

In a brazen criminal scheme to defraud taxpayers, one of the highest-ranking officials in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is expected to plead guilty Tuesday in federal court to helping embezzle more than $500,000 from the federal government.

Over three years, James Woosley and at least five other ICE employees scammed the agency by fabricating expenses for trips that were never taken and for hotel, rental car and restaurant expenses that did not exist, according to court records.

His son, also named James Woosley, and live-in girlfriend, Lateisha Rollerson -- both ICE employees -- allegedly ran the scam out of the elder Woosley's two Virginia homes.
Here's how it worked, according to court records:

ICE employees traveled to Washington, D.C., on business, but instead of staying at a hotel, they stayed with Woosley. Rollerson allegedly created false receipts from hotels like the local Marriott, while Woosley approved their fraudulent expense reports and charged each employee a kick-back fee for half the amount.

Prosecutors accused Woosley of receiving about $160,000, some of which he used to buy a new house and a boat.

Sources inside ICE tell Fox News the scam represents total breakdown of oversight within the agency, especially given the periodic background checks and financial examinations given to agents working within the sensitive Office of Intelligence.

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