Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So far, it's a good spring for fruit...

We have had a nice amount of rain, not too hot and cool evenings and nights. Here are a few pictures from the yard this afternoon.

The first little peach tree all covered with fruit. We had a little hail over the weekend but it doesn't look to have affected this guys at all.

Second little tree covered with peaches too.

Check out the blackberry blooms. The picture doesn't show them as well as I would have liked, they are covered.

Another shot of the blackberries.

The cherry trees are all too young to put on fruit yet. A couple of them had some little blooms. It was a nice try, but no fruit. Next year we should see a few.

The raspberries are looking good but haven't put on blooms yet.

The pear trees were covered with blooms earlier in the season. We should have a bumper crop of those guys.

The strawberries have been producing a berry or two here and there. They should pick up steam in the next couple of weeks. We are going to put in a different variety this year. The ones we have are an ever bearing variety and the berries are small and not overly abundant.

I'm hoping to get the tomatoes and peppers in this weekend as well as the new peach, apple and plum trees. I want to pick up another couple of apple trees in the next few weeks. Some Honey Crisp would be nice.

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