Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pentagon disputes claim that memo gave Obama cover in case of bin Laden raid failure

The pentagon, panetta even obama himself can deny that this was a "cover your ass" letter all day, but it's bullshit. There is NO WAY IN HELL that obama was going to take the blame if the bin laden raid went bad, no way. It's not in his nature. Just look at the entire time he has been "president", has he ever taken the blame for anything? I bet when he farts he blames it on the dog. What a pussy.
A true leader is willing to take the good with the bad, not look for an underling to make a fallguy.

This article says that the memo in question was written for posterity, to document the event and was put directly into a file. Hmmm, that's funny, if it was put directly into a file, how did Time magazine get hold of it?

The last line of the article shows the very depths of a politician's arrogance, bill clinton and obama in this case.
"The downside would have been horrible for him," Clinton said.
No, the downside would have been terrible for SEAL Team 6. They were the guys actually risking their lives in this operation, not sitting on their asses in a secure room in the white house. Had it gone bad, obama wouldn't have suffered any physical harm, none. It might have harmed his election chances even more than his continued credit taking for the event.

It's funny how the brain of a politician works. They have no idea what it takes to do the dirty deeds this Nation asks of it's Military. Michael Mukasey and Mike Baker DO know what it takes and neither are willing to cover up the depths a politician will go to to avoid bad press...

From FoxNews

The Pentagon pushed back Tuesday on assertions that Leon Panetta, while CIA director, drafted a memo before the raid on Usama bin Laden's compound that was “highly lawyered” to safeguard President Obama from public backlash if the operation failed.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby and three top Panetta aides told Fox News that's not true. That was after former Attorney General Michael Mukasey claimed earlier that a memo had given cover to Obama.

The memo in question is apparently the April 2011 hand-written memo from Panetta to Naval Special Operations Cmdr. Adm. Bill McRaven -- the letter was first obtained by Time magazine, and later confirmed by Fox News. It instructed McRaven to execute the raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, only according to the “risk profile” presented to Obama and to relay additional risk-related information to the president before proceeding.

“The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands,” the memo states.

Kirby said no memo would have "given cover to the president." He further said that if Mukasey was referring to that April 2011 memo, that "was written for no other purpose than to record for posterity sake the decision the president has made. It was not delivered to anyone. It was put in a file for the historical record."

Mukasey did not back down from his claim.

“You better believe if anything else had been encountered and the mission had failed, then the blame would have fallen on McRaven,” Mukasey, appointed attorney general in 2007 under the George W. Bush administration, told Fox News on Monday night. “That’s what that is about.”

The raid was successfully carried out May 2, 2011, when a SEAL team stormed the compound and killed bin Laden, the Al Qaeda leader.

Mukasey first made the suggestion in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed.

He also told Fox News that more will come “tumbling out about that escapade. But so far, that memo is enough.”

He added that one definition of a great leader is “somebody who takes less credit than he should and takes more blame than he should. And that’s not what we’ve got now.”

Former CIA officer Mike Baker also told Fox News on Tuesday that such a memo was “to be expected” and is “standard operating procedure” nowadays in Washington.

Obama's defenders, though, have described the president's decision to green-light the raid as a courageous one -- and suggested he was prepared to take responsibility for failure. Former Democratic President Bill Clinton recently did a video for the Obama re-election campaign in which he said the president OK'd the raid though he "knew what would happen."

"The downside would have been horrible for him," Clinton said.

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