Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One more thing...

You know, as I read the rest of the text from obama's campaign speech in Afghanistan, I noticed one more thing that was lacking. While he was patting himself on the back over the NAVY SEALs, killing osama bin laden, there wasn't a single mention of George W. Bush. Without the policies put in place by George W., obama never would have had an opportunity to let someone else make the decision to kill bin laden.

The liberals can whine and complain all they want, they will anyway, but without the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA and our Military Intelligence people, the intelligence that eventually led us to bin laden would never have seen the light of day.

Every stinking one of those democrats knew these asshole terrorists were being waterboarded. It was all good until it came up in the press. And then we all know what nancy pelosi did, she lied. She discredited honorable people in our Military. She was only doing what she does best, covering her own ass. Never mind what it may do the career of another person.

Anyway, obama owes George W. Bush ALOT. And the proper and decent thing to do would be to give George W. an attaboy. But then, there is nothing proper or decent about obama...

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