Wednesday, May 9, 2012

obama SUPPORTS gay marriage...

So, obama comes out to today in support of gay marriage. This was his personal opinion, not a push for any type of legislation. But by saying this in a vague sort of way, he is pandering to the gay community. He is trying to make them think he will do something, in a legislative way, to further their agenda.

Look, it is up to the States to decide this issue. And, you know, 32 of them already have. And those 32 have decided that marriage is a sacred bond between a MAN and a WOMAN.

Although, in california, where the people spoke LOUD AND CLEAR, the state and some local jurisdictions like that cesspool san francisco, to allow gay marriage DESPITE the will of the vast majority of the voters.

Why can't there be anything sacred in this Country anymore? Why does everything have to be corrupted. Some of us still take our marriage vows and what they represent very seriously. It means something more than hospitals, insurance and death benefits... 

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