Wednesday, May 30, 2012

obama, once again, shows he is an asshole...

obama was recently in Poland, a U.S. ally, giving a speech and a posthumous award to a Hero of WWII. The person recieving the award, Jan Karski, escaped Soviet imprisonment, was horribly tortured by the gestapo, and still risked his life to sneak past German guards into the Jewish ghetto to see how the Nazis were abusing Jews. Karski then disguised himself as a Ukrainian guard to visit a transfer station that sorted Jews on their way to the death camps.

As an eyewitness to the German murder machine, the Polish underground sent Karski on a secret mission to tell the Allies what was happening. In 1942, the Polish underground government issued a report called "The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland." It said: "The new methods of mass slaughter applied during the last few months confirm that the German authorities aim with systematic deliberation at the total extermination of the Jewish population."

Karski took his eyewitness accounts and the Polish government's report to London and Washington to ask Great Britain and the United States to stop the Holocaust.

Anyway, obama refered to the nazi death camps as "Polish death camps". The people of Poland were slaughter by the millions by hitler and his nazi scumbags. The people of Poland had nothing to do with the running of the camps or the horrible atrocities that occured there, they just happened to be located in Poland.

After this, the people of Poland demanded an apology from obama. Of course, through his surrogates, obama has so far refused. What an asshole. jay carney, obama's liar in chief, claims that obama merely misspoke and that it is regrettable. No shit? This entire administration is a bunch of scumbag morons. A simple, sincere apology would have smoothed this over with our Ally, instead they choose to go the way of the dickhead. Would you expect anything different from these clowns?

On behalf of myself and all DECENT Americans, I apologize for obama being an arrogant dumbass. Poland, you have my respect, and I hope you don't hold the words and actions of one idiot against our entire Nation...

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