Thursday, May 17, 2012

obama looking for help to fund Afgan army?

When we pull the majority of our troops out of Afghanistan sometime in the next couple of years, how will it be our responsibility to fund the Afghan army? How will it be the responsibility of any country other than Afghanistan?

Obama requesting help to pay for Afghan army, as spokesman says building army after pullout must be 'multilateral effort'

It seems like a good part of the army there now is nothing more than taliban fighters or al queda scumbags in Afghan army uniforms anyway. I sure don't want my tax dollars funding that.

I have a crazy idea, how about Afghanistan pay for it's own army? How about that. If they don't have the money, maybe they could step up the opium poppy production or maybe utilize some of the other resources their country has to offer.

Why should the cost of their military come out of our pocket? It might be a little different if our Military had been allowed to do their job, go in hard and fast and destroy the radical elements, including the taliban. Instead, our government let political correctness dictate the tone.

Anyway, karzai should be figuring out how to pay for his own military instead of looking to us...

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