Monday, May 7, 2012

Mossberg 590A1 and various Bayonets...

When I thought I was done blogging, I deleted all my old posts. I'm regretting that now. One of the pages I got a lot of hits on was my Mossberg 590A1 and different bayonets. I thought I would go ahead and put that info back up in case folks wanted to see the pictures...

These first two pictures show the three different kinds of bayonets I own. All three will work on the Mossberg 590A1 and also the AR platform rifles. The first two are the Smith &Wesson M9 at the top and a standard Vietnam issue M7 second. The next picture is the Ontario M9 Tanto.

All of the M7's I own are very well made and I would trust to perform well under any conditions. The Smith & Wesson also appears to be well made. Of course, it has not been battle tested to the same degree as the M7. The Ontario M9 Tanto is a finely crafted knife. And not only is it well made, it's beautiful too!

The Ontario M9 Tanto 

 The Vietnam era M7

 The Smith & Wesson M9

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