Thursday, May 10, 2012

eric holder to sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Imagine that. Are you surprised by this at all? It must be nice to have the power of the entire federal government at your finger tips. It's also unethical, but ethics aren't obama's strength are they?

obama is so thin skinned that he has sent his lackey, eric holder, after Joe Arpaio. Of course, they won't admit that this bullshit lawsuit has anything to do with Arpaio's investigation into the validity of obama's birth certificate and selective service card. Instead they will trump up some charges in an attempt to railroad an American Patriot.

They are claiming the lawsuit is over civil rights violations. You know what, I probably wouldn't want to be Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail. I bet it's not a very nice place. But jails aren't supposed to be! It's supposed to be punishment for crimes, not a fucking day spa. Holy shit.

holder and obama are looking for any way to silence Joe Arpaio. Instead they bring more attention on him and the work he is doing to prove obama is inelgible to be president and the secrets he is keeping.

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