Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dying Vet should have bought insurance...

Those are the words of the ceo of spirit airlines,  ben baldanza .

You know, I wasn't even going to post about this because I figured spirit would come to their senses and do the right thing. I was wrong. Their ceo is a scumbag of the lowest form.

I've had this discussion with someone before about rules and when they shouldn't apply.

Dude, I am all about the rules. I am. Without rules we have chaos, and that isn't good for anyone. But sometimes the rules have to be broken. This is one of those times.

Sure, the ceo of spirit airlines is 100% correct. But this FORMER MARINE, Jerry Meekins, is dying of cancer and has been told he can't fly. It's $197 bucks! Holy crap! What do you think this negative publicity is going to cost this company? I can tell you, I will never fly with them. Not if they were the last airline on the planet. I can guarantee you, spirit airlines has lost 100 times the $197 bucks since this story broke.

Sometimes it is much easier to bend the rules and do the right thing, than to be a stickler and look like a dick. Sure, the ceo is sticking to his guns! He is going to hold everyone to the same standard! But, at the end of the day, he just looks like a dick...

Did I metion that Meekins is a Vietnam Veteran and former police officer?

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