Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Did you watch the Top Shot Finale last night?

Let me start out by saying that it sucks to think that we may have watched the very last episode of Top Shot last night. It has been a good ambassador for shooting to the rest of the world. It helped to show that people who enjoy shooting are just regular folks. We aren't crazy or blood thirsty or any of the other negative sterotypes liberals and the media would like to pin on us.

Shooting the back and forth flipping targets has always been one of my favorite things on Top Shot. Sure, it is the same thing every time, there aren't any big explosions or breaking targets, but dang, it is exciting. Especially when the shooters are fairly evenly matched and they are using a weapon that requires a reload or two. The competition last night, with the lever action rifle, was awesome. At the end of it, Gary was booted and then there were three.

The pick your weapon/target/distance saloon is always fun. But it has to be kind of embarrasing to miss the shot you chose. It happened three times! How can that be? I can kind of understand picking a tough shot, but making it so tough that YOU can't do it? Not a good idea.

I was a little surprised that the final two were Chris and Littlejohn. Not so much with Chris, he has been consistent and has shown an ability to adapt quickly. But Littlejohn? What the heck? This guy was the Chokemaster General in the first half of the season. What did he have in Bass Pro gift cards? Like $65,000? I think he made more in gift cards than Chris will get in cash.

The final challenge looked like a lot of fun. Those guys were side by side all the way down the course. It was exciting to watch. But, last year, when Dustin completely smoked Mike, that was exciting too.

I was glad Chris won it. I don't know why I always root for the under dog. But hey, in Top Shot it has served me well the last couple of years.

As I look at the Top Shot website this morning, they still have a casting call link up. Does that mean anything? Not really. Until I hear that they are starting a new season, I won't get my hopes up.

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