Friday, May 11, 2012

democrats want to move their convention...

Some democrats have their panties in a bunch because North Carolina recently passed a law that marriage is a sacred institution between a MAN and a WOMAN.

Well, that's great, except that 44 of our 50 States have similar laws. They don't have many choices at this point.

It's funny, every time this issue is put to the voters, gay marriage is shot down. And whats even more funny, black Americans vote against gay marriage 2 to 1. I guess it the white half of obama that supports it.

One other interesting thing, when obama said he is suddenly supportive of gay marriage, he also claimed it isn't a federal issue. He claims it is one for the States to decide. Yet he has instructed eric holder not to defend the defense of marriage act, which is a State issue. Hmm, which one is it? Is he for States rights or against them? I guess it depends on the issue and how it fits into his agenda...

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