Saturday, May 5, 2012

A couple of "new" guns...

The first gun isn't actually new. I've owned it for 20 years. I bought it in 1991 at Trader's Village in Houston. I stuck it in a drawer and sort of forgot about it. Not long after that we moved to the Kansas City area. It got shuffled around in the move and wound up in a box for a few years. Later, I dug it out and took it to the range. It wouldn't fire. What the hell? So I stuck it back in the drawer and left it until last week. 

I was going to send it off and have it fixed, but my buddy Big Mullet thought he would take a look at it first. He tore it all apart and discovered that some little piece inside was jammed into another little piece. It shouldn't have been. So now it works, kind of.

When I got it back from Big Mullet, I took it and put five rounds in the magazine. The first round fired, but the bolt didn't go into battery. I ejected that round and let another feed. That round fired but I got a stove pipe on ejection. Corrected that and I was able to fire the next two rounds fine. 

This is a Bryco .380. If you don't know the history and reputation of these guns, go here and check it out

I think after I fire some more rounds through it, it will loosen up a little and be a better weapon. I don't know that I would want to bet my life on it though.

I put a pack of smokes in the picture to give some scale. This gun will fit nicely in a back pocket. But again, until I can prove some reliability, it won't be a carry gun.

This next one has a story too. Joe Texan bought this at a gun show several months back. He took it to the range a few days later and was able to fire one round. After that, no matter what he did, it wouldn't fire another. He kept it in a drawer for a while and then sent it to Kel-Tec. They lept it for a few weeks and then sent it back unrepaired. Joe Texan hadn't sent a receipt with it so they refused to fix it. Even though Kel-Tec has a lifetime warranty, they didn't repair the weapon.
I asked Big Mullet if he would take a look at it. He agreed. I then told Jow Texan I would take it off his hands if he were willing to part with it. After the failure, he has no confidence in the gun and agreed to sell it to me. And once again, Big Mullet was able to work his magic and get this thing firing. 

When I got it back from Big Mullet, I took the PF-9 out back with 5 rounds in the magazine. I fired the first one with no problems. Since it worked well, I cranked the other 4 off quickly. It worked just like it was supposed to. I haven't fired it since. I need to put a hundred or so rounds through it to make sure it is reliable. 

Here are the two together to compare the size. If the PF-9 proves to be a reliable weapon, it will make a nice concealed carry gun for my Bride.

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