Friday, May 11, 2012

Comment by RegT from this morning...

RegT commented on my post from this morning about the class that has been canceled at the Joint Forces Staff College. I thought it should be a post itself instead of being stuck in the comments.

In this class, Army Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley suggests that we may have to eventually nuke the islamic cities of mecca and medina in order to quell the spread of islam and save Western Civilization. Here is the response from RegT. An explanation does get any better than this. Good job RegT.

Dooley is obviously one of the brighter and more intelligent men in the military. He realizes, as many don't, that it has nothing to do with "radicals". Islam, as written in the Qu'ran itself, ORTHODOX Islam, states that non-believers should be killed. That nothing less than universal domination by Islam over the entire human race is acceptable. This is known as the Universal Caliphate, and is the main goal of Islam.

Any time someone tries to tell you it is only the "radical" Islamists that are the problem, correct them. Inform them that the only "moderate" muslims are those who DO NOT follow the orders of the Qu'ran, who refuse to behave according to the Sura written there, as well as the directives of the Hadith. So-called "moderate" muslims are actually apostates, and are at risk of being killed by real followers of Islam, because they do not obey the Qu'ran as it is written.

This is why this very brave and knowledgeable soldier says we may have to nuke the holy sites of Islam. Nothing else will truly deter the spread of Islam and the eventual destruction of Western civilization by the true teachings of Islam, which is actually an ideology, not a religion. It is dressed as a religion to give it an appearance of validity, but it is actually a death cult, one where the true believers will kill other muslims as quickly as they kill infidels.

Remember: if they are willing to kill each other over slight differences in how they obey the Quran, what chance do you think _you_ have as an infidel, a complete non-believer? Is life so dear to you that you would be willing to live as a slave to a smelly, goat-raping, lover of small boys, creatures who worship a lying pederast who taught his followers that a ten-year-old girl is old enough to impregnate and use for your sexual pleasure (when there aren't enough young boys to go around)?

Not me. Dooley should get a medal for telling it as it really is. Folks, never forget that the literal translation of "Islam" is _submission_.

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