Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another campaign speech from obama...

Yesterday obama traveled 14,000 miles to give a campaign speech. But to cover the fact that it WAS a campaign speech, he signed a non-binding agreement with karzai to keep troops in afghanistan until 2024. Wow. Oh, wait, you don't think it was a campaign speech? Ok, then riddle me this, why was it at 4:00 am afghanistan time? Which turned out to be exactly prime time here. Why did the Troops have to get up extra early to go listen to this pompous ass? Because it was a campaign speech. It was a "rally the troops" kind of talk. It wasn't anything but a continuation of the gloating over a dead bin laden and more stupid promises.

It never ends with this clown. He is in perpetual campaign mode. And the funny part of that is that he is still way below a 50% approval rating.
Of course, with acorn and unions, at voting time poll numbers don't mean a damn thing. What's REALLY important is voter fraud. Vote early and vote often, the democrat mantra.
I didn't watch obama's speech and I have only read about half of the text, but I did notice that there was no mention of the 1,957 American Service Men and Women who have lost their lives in this conflict. And he surely didn't point out that 68% of them were killed in the three years that he has been in office, and 93 of those have been in the last 122 days. He talked about all kinds of other stuff, peace, rebuilding, transparency (that made me laugh), partnerships, but not a single mention of our fallen Heroes. We would not be where we are today in this process without the sacrifice of those Men and Women, and the families they leave behind. But not a word.
I guess campaigning is more important than acknowledgeing those who have given all for this Country. What a messed up set of priorities...

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