Friday, May 11, 2012

Another afghan soldier kills an American...

A scumbag wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire on US Troops today on a shared military base. That makes 20 of our Military members that have been killed by afghan soldiers this year alone, and I doubt we are being told about all of them.

At this point, we should just pull out of that shithole and leave those people to their own devices. If they don't care enough about their own country to support our efforts there, why bother? The taliban obviously has more control over these people than we do. Let them have it, they will never be our ally anyway.

Either that or we separate our Troops from theirs, and any of them that get within 500 yards of our fence take one to the brain housing group. I wouldn't trust any of them, not even a little bit.

I can't help but think of all the blood and money that has been poured into that country and still we are treated this way. It's a shame. Our Military deserves better than that after all the sacrifices they have made...

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