Monday, May 7, 2012

9/11 trials at Guantanamo...

Have you read anything about the trials currently taking place at Gitmo? It seems the scumbag terrorists have been disruptive and doing everything in their power to delay and confuse the process.

Here is my very simple solution. Have a Jarhead stand behind each one of these fucking scumbags with a stungun. Every time they make an unauthorized peep, light his ass up. And everytime he is asked a question and refuses to answer, light his ass up.

Eventually they will begin to understand the seriousness of the proceedings and quit acting stupid.

We have been babying these assclowns for far too long. A big soccer field, special diet, on and on. Feed these fuckers hot dogs, and if they want to play with some balls, they can play with their own. It's time to get these trials over and done with and give these terrorist scumbags what they deserve...

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