Monday, April 30, 2012

The "occupy" crowd is at it again...

It seems that the "occupy" clowns have planned worldwide events for tomorrow. They plan to shut down bridges, tunnels and other various things in this Country and around the world.

These idiots are calling for a general strike with no school, no work, no shopping and no banking. Well, that's easy enough for them. They have no job, which means no money, so they don't need a bank and can't afford to go shopping. But for those of us who do our part to keep the economy of this Country moving, I think we will stick with the normal plan of going about our business like usual.

What would make my day is if a no limit, hippie season opened tomorrow. Holy crap! That would be awesome.

And you will never believe who the hippies will be partnering with tomorrow, labor unions. Imagine that. If there were ever two groups on opposite ends of the spectrum it would be these two. But then again, not so much. The hippies want your stuff without having to work for it, and the union bosses want to make a bunch of money off of the union members that actually work for a living. As it turns out, they are almost exactly the same. Both want stuff they didn't earn.

These protests are supposed to be happening in other parts of the world. It will be interesting to see how the different police forces react to this crap. Not all of the police forces around the world show the same level of restraint as those in this Country.

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